Celebrating Sterile Packaging Day!

You may not know it, but March 10 is the first Sterile Packaging Day celebration!

Sterile packaging ensures there is one less thing to worry about in healthcare settings. The delivery of innovative, safe, and sterilized devices and supplies is critical to preventing infection and keeping patients safe. Medical packaging protects and keeps sterile everything from COVID testing kits and syringes to life-saving medical devices traveling from the manufacturing facility to the hospital door.

With increased emphasis on sterilization and safety due to the pandemic, there is no better time for me to reflect on Neenah’s role in creating sterile packaging solutions and our fantastic supply chain partners.

Stable and Sterile for Over 40 Years

In the early 1980s, Neenah discovered that our saturation process could effectively reinforce substrates, resulting in reducing airborne particulates and helping end-users maintain a clean, sterile environment. After that, we were off and running, producing our medical packaging papers.

For 40 years, we have remained a consistent North American manufacturer of high-quality base papers supplied at a competitive price.

How do we do that?

  1. We respect our position in the supply chain and leave the business of creating finished goods to our strategic partners, medical packaging converters.
  2. We listen to what is essential to our customers.
  3. A smooth surface that runs efficiently through packaging and labeling machinery.
  4. A bright-white paper for superior printability ensures printing is clear, crisp, and easy to read to maximize traceability.
  5. Superior wet-strength and high-tensile ensure our products won’t breakdown during sterilization or demanding shipping elements.
  6. Acrylic binders’ inclusion reduces fine fibers and airborne particulates when opening the packaging for use, allowing hospitals and doctors to maintain a clean, sterile environment.
  7. We are reliable and consistent. Neenah’s expertise and longevity in paper-making mean our products meet or exceed standards.
  8. We are a North American manufacturer with superior procurement and supply chain teams. For this reason,
  9. Neenah maintains a stable inventory through our US supply chains while allowing us to export medical packaging products around the globe safely.
  10. We use responsibly sourced cellulose fibers that come from renewable sources.

I’m excited that while Neenah remains a consistent supplier of medical packaging papers, we never stop looking for ways to innovate and bring new ideas to market. With our strategic supply chain partners’ help, we continue to create products that meet market demand, exceed industry standards, and safely transport door to door.

Are you looking for innovative medical packaging solutions for your company or product? I’ve been helping sterile packaging customers for nearly two decades, and I’m ready to answer all of your questions. Reach out here on LinkedIn or give me a call!