RecycotapeTM is an innovative and sustainable option for tape backings used to produce recyclable pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) tapes. These tapes are perfect for carton sealing applications and are made from FSC® controlled, sustainably sourced fibers that can be re-pulped during recycling. This allows the usable fiber to be re-processed into new paper along with the box or carton.

Most pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) tapes made with paper backings can cause problems for paper recycling systems that use water to re-pulp the paper. These tapes do not break down easily and can create small hard particles that can contaminate the papermaking process, exacting a considerable cost to the paper producers.

What sets RecycotapeTM apart from conventional PSA film tapes (polypropylene or PVC) is that it is re-pulpable and does not create non-recyclable plastic waste during recycling. Unlike standard “water-activated” kraft paper tapes, RecycotapeTM is semi-extensible, saturated, and release-coated. This makes it an ideal option for PSA packaging tapes that can be recycled along with the box as part of a standard household waste stream.

Tests by the “Papiertechnische Stiftung” in Germany have confirmed that consumers can confidently recycle shipping or packaging boxes sealed with RecycotapeTM without worrying about its recyclability.


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High tensile strength for large boxes and cartons

Extensibility and Flexibility

Extensibility (~7%) for improved tape sealability



Suitable for most types of adhesives, including hotmelts or rubber-based


Brown or white color


FSC® controlled fiber


Re-pulpable to provide re-usable fiber

USDA Biobased certification





Retail/Consumer Goods

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