NEENAH® Extend Release Coated Tape Backings employ a sophisticated coating technology that guarantees consistent release and re-adhesion performance with newly produced and aged adhesive-coated tapes. Our formula is silicone- and fluorochemical-free, ensuring that automotive or industrial painting processes are not disrupted in any way.

Our Neenah® Extend Tape Backings are compatible with a broad spectrum of adhesives, such as solvent-based, water-borne, and hot melt. The stability of our coating technology has been demonstrated to require much lower force to unwind the tape after aging compared to standard release coatings, which tend to experience a significant increase in unwind force over time. This results in decreased tear-outs and improved operational efficiency during slitting processes.

As a tape producer, nothing is worse than discovering your adhesive-coated jumbo rolls tear apart in the tape slitting process due to high unwind forces, causing downtime and waste!

Our scientists developed proprietary coating technology for Neenah® Extend Release Coated Tape Backings to better stabilize adhesive tape performance for freshly made and aged adhesive-coated jumbo rolls.

Neenah® Extend tape backings are:

  • Compatible with solvent-based, water-borne, and hot melt adhesives
  • Better for your bottom line because they create fewer tear-outs, waste, and downtime
  • Silicone-free and fluorochemical-free
  • Ideal for use when shipping adhesive-coated jumbo rolls over long distances

Compatible Adhesives:

  • Natural and synthetic rubber (water and solvent-based)
  • Acrylic (water and solvent-based)
  • Hot melt


Click here to download our product sheet.

Indafor_Neenah Extend_Sell Sheet



Stable adhesive tape performance after aging

Ideal for use when shipping adhesive-coated jumbo rolls to customers



Lower unwind force at both high and low speeds

Fewer tear-outs and higher operational efficiency when slitting jumbo rolls


Minimal effect on holding power of adhesive (re-adhesion to steel)


FSC® controlled fiber


USDA Biobased certification


Neenah® Extend release coating technology can be applied on any of the saturated tape backings produced by Indafor.


Automotive and Marine

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