Coated Abrasive Backings

Indafor is a manufacturer of latex-saturated and coated paper backings used for abrasives around the world. With over 60 years of experience, we have a proven track record for consistent quality and performance. Our products are preferred for premium waterproof and dry sanding applications, and we have manufacturing facilities in Munising, Michigan. Bruckmühl, Bavaria (Germany), and Brownville, New York (USA).

Our abrasive backings portfolio has over 180 products designed to offer performance and value in various end-use applications, including wet sanding, dry sanding, sheets, discs, belts, and other products with various basis weights. We recognize that each customer has unique needs and performance requirements, so we offer custom design support to match the backing’s performance with individual customers’ raw material or processing needs. We can modify our abrasive backings’ basis weights, coatings, or colors to suit the customer’s specific requirements.

Our complete staff of technical, sales, marketing, and customer service professionals is dedicated to servicing coated abrasive manufacturers worldwide. We are committed to the abrasives industry, and our research and development efforts focus on improving the value and capabilities of next-generation abrasive backings.

Indafor’s dedication and commitment have helped us establish and maintain a premier position as a manufacturer of backings for coated abrasives.


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Automotive and Marine

Indafor offers a comprehensive portfolio of premium paper abrasive backings for automotive OEM, automotive aftermarket, and marine sanding applications. These abrasive backings are fully saturated, can be single and double-side coated, and compatible with all types of make-coat systems. Indafor abrasive backings are engineered for both hand and power sanding applications and can be customized to address unique user needs across uses such as surface grinding, paint prep, or highly sensitive paint finishing.


Wet Sanding
Wet or Dry
Paint & Polish


Indafor offers a full portfolio of premium and value-based paper abrasive backings for uses around the home or workshop, such as woodworking, drywall sanding, and metal surface refinishing. Unlike many alternative conventional kraft papers, Indafor abrasive backings are latex-saturated and coated for excellent flexibility, durability, surface receptivity, and end-product performance for applications from hand sanding sheets and blocks to power sanding discs.


Dry Finishing


Indafor paper abrasive backings are designed for aggressive, high-durability applications in furniture and cabinet-making shops, floor sanding and refinishing, and home remodeling paint removal from wood surfaces. For more specialized applications, our DuraFlat line is designed to be an ultra-durable substrate for the most aggressive grinding applications where standard paper, cloth, or film materials would break down due to the high forces and temperatures created by the grit against the surface. It is an excellent substrate for premium sanding discs and belts.


Dry Finishing



There are many industrial applications for paper abrasives, and Indafor has the technical capabilities to design abrasive backings that meet those various needs. Our DuraFlat® line is designed to be an ultra-durable substrate for the most aggressive grinding applications exhibited in uses such as metal grinding and finishing, where strength and heat resistance for weld prep are crucial. Indafor also carries an extensive line of specialized paper Abrasive backings that exhibit a high degree of conformability and smoothness needed for super fine grit abrasive products used for surface polishing in manufacturing industries such as automobile, aerospace, and technical components.


Paint and Polish


Paint and Polish

Indafor paint and polish wet sanding materials are backings with extreme smoothness, allowing for applying the finest grits for paint and polishing applications. These backings are saturated with proprietary polymer rubber systems for a cloth-like feel when hand sanding and are uncompromising in terms of flexibility and durability. Our backings can be coated on 1 or 2 sides, providing a premium level of grip and an excellent surface for printing.

Wet or Dry

Indafor premium abrasive backings are designed for maximum performance no matter how end-users work, wet or dry. These papers are reinforced with the highest levels of polymer saturant and custom additives to optimize customer application performance across all types of make-coat systems. This product line is extremely durable, with very high wet or dry delamination resistance levels. In addition, our backsize coatings enhance the functional performance of the finished coated abrasive to deliver added curl resistance, increased water resistance, improved grip during hand sanding applications, and enhanced strength for use with power sanding.

Dry Finishing

Indafor dry finishing abrasive backings provide the right balance of strength, flexibility, and tear resistance needed for tough jobs, including wood, automotive, marine, furniture, and metal sanding. Unlike many conventional kraft papers, Indafor dry finishing abrasive backings are latex-saturated and coated for excellent flexibility, durability, surface receptivity, and end-product performance. These finishing papers utilize barrier coatings designed for all types of make coatings to help improve grain adhesion and maintain full base flexibility. Our unique barrier coatings can also help improve the adhesion and resistance to penetration of non-glue-coat systems, such as the UF, PF, and epoxy-based systems used in dry-finishing applications.


Indafor’s Duraflat® Fibre Grinding disc backings are a wet-laid combination of synthetic fiber, cellulose fiber, and reinforcing saturants to form an ultra-durable substrate for the most aggressive grinding applications. Unlike traditional Vulcanized FIber, Indafor DuraFlat backings are designed not to curl, even with changes in humidity. This product is high in performance and easy to use. You’ll benefit from better dimensional stability, improved efficiencies, burst-free packaging, and flatter discs to enhance grinding execution.


As the name suggests, MultiTask products are super versatile and intended for customers wanting to upgrade from kraft or oil-bond papers without breaking the bank. They are designed for wet or dry sanding with flexibility and resistance to delamination. Available with and without reinforcing synthetic fibers, MultiTask backings have been designed to optimize for the specific performance attribute that you need, with excellent foldability and superior tear strength for uses that span everything from hand sanding sheets to power sanding discs and pads.

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High tensile strength

Synthetic fiber papers for high tear resistance

Custom pulp formulations

Custom colors

Dimensional stability to resist curl in converting and use


Nitrile butadiene rubber for the softest feel in wet sanding

Styrene butadiene rubber



Solvent resistance

High-temperature resistance

Custom colors


Barrier coatings to match make coat system

Custom colors, including contrasting colors of the paper

Super smooth coating for fine grit abrasives

Backsize coating for waterproofing or hand grip and feel 


Coat one (C1S) or both sides (C2S)



OEM, Body repair

Metal grinding

Belts & discs

Floor refinishing

Painting and polishing

Power sanding, Hand sanding

Wood Finishing, Woodworking

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