We love helping my customers find the right business solution. At Indafor, we are frequently approached by customers with end-use applications asking us to help them select the right product or use our technology to create one for them. As a leader in durable inkjet labels, we are always looking for ways to lead the marketplace in innovative solutions for our customers.

Over forty years ago, we set out to make the most durable, performance-driven labels available. To create the KIMDURA® Performance Labels for Harsh Environments™ line, we put our label and tag products through rigorous testing to ensure they outperform in harsh environmental conditions, where the highest chemical and outdoor weather resistance are required.

In time we’ve added various products to our offering, many of which were driven by customer needs or to address new technology developments. As on-demand printing grew in popularity, we partnered with leading print producer, Epson, to expand into the medical label industry. As a result, we introduced KIMDURA® Inkjet, a digitally printable label to accommodate color changes on chemical placards.

Though the first of its kind, we quickly realized that digital printing was here to stay, and we were going to be at the forefront of this printing revelation. What started as a customer solution ultimately became the gold standard in synthetic labels with end-uses exceeding the original intention.

The Next Generation of KIMDURA is here

Times change, but our commitment to being best-in-class does not. As customers approached us with new requirements like a brighter white shade, improved printability, and thinner options, we rolled up our sleeves and got to work. After all, the KIMDURA product line has always been about matching the best film material with the best chemical to get the best market solution.

We aim to keep it that way.

We’re excited to say that Indafor has done it again with KIMDURA® Inkjet TW, the next generation of digitally printable labels for harsh environments. This product incorporates every bit of customer feedback with performance features and regulatory requirements that our customers have come to expect from Indafor.

It’s dry to the touch, fresh off the printer, and chemical resistant right away. A blue-white shade allows printed ink to stand out clearly and legibly every time, adding accuracy to barcode scans for tracking and tracing chemicals.

We know that when you’re dealing with a label for a chemical drum shipping overseas or labeling pharmaceuticals in hospitals, you need a product that will stand up to both regulatory requirements and harsh environments. You want reassurance that it remains intact, legible, and accurate when the label arrives at the destination. You don’t want to lose sleep over it.

With KIMDURA Inkjet TW, you can rest easy. We’ve got you covered.