Indafor introduces a versatile paper-based medical packaging capable of withstanding all three widely used sterilization processes, including radiation, autoclave, and ethylene oxide. This innovative product allows customers to serve multiple markets and explore new opportunities by providing a unique alternative to polymer-based or kraft medical packaging traditionally used for nasal swabs, syringes, bandages, and other single-use applications.

“By adding a radiation-resistant product to our medical packaging lineup, Indafor continues to lead the industry in offering the most advanced paper-based options available. We are thrilled to introduce a versatile paper-based medical packaging that is durable, dependable, and value-driven,” says Katelyn Marianetti, Medical Packaging Product Manager, Indafor.

Single-use medical devices are gaining popularity as they help lower costs, increase efficiency, and reduce the spread of infection. Gamma radiation is becoming a more commonly used form of sterilization technology for these devices as it quickly kills germs that can cause disease and neutralizes other harmful organisms. It is essential to the radiation sterilization process that the packaging has breathable barrier properties, excellent conformability, printability, and the ability to withstand radiation exposure to prevent risks to patients.

Indafor was the first to recognize the need for reinforced papers in breathable carrier applications and continues to lead the market by introducing this versatile, radiation-resistant product. Available in a 116 gsm basis weight, it rounds out Indafor’s comprehensive medical packaging offering that currently includes standard 85 and 112 gsm basis weight options and a new lighter-weight 72 gsm grade introduced in 2021. The entire paper-based product offering uses FSC controlled fibers, is EN868 compliant, and accepts steam and Ethylene Oxide (EO) sterilization methods.

“Indafor’s incredible team worked tirelessly to develop a purpose-built solution that meets market demand and exceeds customer expectations. Our goal is to produce high-performance paper-based medical packaging that our customers can count on, and this product delivers. It’s exciting to bring this to market,” concludes Marianetti.

Indafor’s new radiation-resistant medical packaging papers are readily available and ready to ship to meet demand.