To meet market demand for a durable, flexible, print-on-demand tagstock, Indafor is expanding their popular KIMDURA® performance portfolio to include an inventive stand-alone tag product, KIMDURA® Tag. Designed with customer feedback top of mind, Indafor produced this innovative product at 190 gsm giving it a strong, yet flexible appeal perfect for critical applications in the horticulture, industrial and chemical, construction and building products, and tradeshow markets.

The new 8 mil KIMDURA Tag touts a unique coating chemistry designed in-house that avoids using raw materials currently in short supply. This product offers superior tear and tensile properties that provide unsupported hole strength to keep tags secure during transportation or in harsh environments. It is C1S coated and optimized for print-on-demand and full-color aqueous inkjet applications. Chemical, water, and UV resistance are built into the product directly, offering a cost-saving measure for customers who currently apply an over-laminate to get these features.

“Thanks to feedback from our customers and downstream partners, the 8 mil tag is a direct response to a market gap in the self-supported tag and label space. Truly the “Goldilocks” of this portfolio – previously introducing both thicker and thinner options, we’ve intentionally rationalized our tag portfolio in light of ongoing raw material constraints to create a “just right” solution available within our normal lead times. The timing of this launch is significant for our horticulture customers starting planting season in just a few months,” says Katelyn Marianetti, Product Manager for Indafor.

For more information or to request samples, please contact your Indafor Sales Representative.