Neenah Industrial Solutions, a Mativ brand, recently announced a name change and rebrand to Indafor. Jackson Pettit, Senior Director, Industrials and Release Liners – Marketing & Sustainable and Adhesive Solutions – R&D, Mativ, led his team through rebranding. The team is now excitedly launching it to their customers and the world. 

Today, Jackson shares his thoughts about the company’s recent transformation and what we can expect as part of the rebrand.

Q1 | What motivated your decision to rebrand?

Jackson: The formation of Mativ in 2022 gave us an excellent opportunity to re-invent our visual identity and rebrand ourselves. While we work with paper, which has been around for millennia, our image needed to be forward-looking and more accurately convey how our teams and customers unite, accelerating into new and exciting industrial solutions. 

Q2 | How does the new brand better align with the company’s mission and values?

Jackson: The new Indafor name pays homage to the brand’s more than a century-old history of strength, innovation, and industrial solutions by marrying the words “industrial” and the Latin word for strong, “fortis.” The brand’s tagline, “Where it all comes together,” positions it for a future of continued partnership, process, and progress. The new logo champions our competitive advantage as a collaborative and innovative materials brand while communicating how Indafor is where it all comes together. The triangles visually indicate collaboration between Indafor and our partners and symbolize growth. Vivid blue communicates the brand’s experience, expertise, and innovation. These fundamental ideas around which Indafor is built align perfectly with Mativ’s vision of being an innovative partner in solving complex challenges with bold, innovative, customer-first solutions.

Q3 | How do you believe the rebranding will positively impact the bottom line?

Jackson: Throughout our history, customers have come to us with material challenges. We’ve built a legacy by solving these challenges by bringing the best technical and operational expertise, driven by our desire to see our customers succeed. The new visual identity is a direct representation of these foundational principles. We hope our customers associate the new, modern logo and the new website with our continued commitment to them today and tomorrow.

Q4 | What feedback have you received from employees, customers, or stakeholders about the rebrand?

Jackson: Our team has been eager to share this rebrand with the market. The past few months have inspired us as we built every element of this new brand. I am glad to see the new branding received with the same excitement and enthusiasm by our customers and stakeholders. The fresh look and the new name resonate with the market.

Q5 | How does the new brand differentiate you from your competitors in the various markets you serve?

Jackson: Visually, the vivid blue triangles help Indafor etch its distinguishable identity in the market. However, our dedication to serving our customers remains the same as it has been throughout our history ─ our customers continue to remain our number one priority, we continue to innovate with paper and specialty materials, and we will provide solutions that best meet our customers’ cares.

Q6 | How will you continue to evolve the new brand as the market and industry change?

Jackson: Our world-class team of experts has consistently provided top-notch service and solutions based on evolving market needs. Indafor’s brand values and visual identity are well-positioned to ensure we remain top of mind when current and future customers look for innovative solutions. Our new website,, has been designed to be the first digital contact point for current and future customers. The easy-to-navigate site is a repository of the current solutions we offer. The website is also the space where you’re most likely to see our R&D experts, sales leaders, and product managers share their vision regarding market needs, etc.

Q7 | Where can we see the new Indafor branding outside the website?

Jackson: Over the coming weeks and months, there will be many opportunities for our customers and industry experts to see the new Indafor brand in action. One such event is the upcoming Tape Week hosted by the Pressure Sensitive Tapes Council. If you’re attending PSTC Tape Week in Orlando, FL, from April 29-May 2, please stop by the Indafor booth and connect with our team to learn more about the packaging solutions we offer and how Indafor can help you reduce the complexities in your supply chain.

We hope you’ve enjoyed an inside look and insights on Indafor. The new branding aligns perfectly with Mativ’s vision of being an innovative partner in solving complex challenges with bold, innovative, customer-first solutions. We look forward to continually evolving and serving our customers with innovative, high-performing solutions.